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Back to School Catch up No6 ... 4th-6th October 2008

Here is Back to School Catch up No 6 ... the final one for this Fest.

It really has been fun, with the most wonderful stories and art. Under the cut are details of the final few submissions plus links to the five previous Catch up posts. The Big Reveal will be on Sunday 12th October, so you still have a few days left to read the stories and check the art you might have missed.

Plus, there might be a couple of suprises between now and Sunday *grins*

Please remember to leave comments for all our talented authors and artist.

Fic: Negotiations
Rating: PG15
Summary: Harry Potter always had two left feet and when the Conference of Ministries is held at Hogwarts, he finds himself unable to escape the dancing. To his horror, the only one who can teach him is Draco Malfoy, the resident Potions Master.
~ 46,000 words

Fic: Just Short of Peace
Rating: PG15
Summary: There were places that Harry hated to go, even after the hours of work put into trying to clean up the carnage left behind after the war.
~ 6,000 words.

Fic: Time Heals All Wounds
Rating: PG
Summary: It's sixth year and Harry is obsessed with Draco and what he's getting up to in the Room of Requirement. Finally he manages to catch Draco about to enter, but they barge through the door together and find themselves in Hogwarts in adult bodies six years after the death of Voldemort.
7,100 words.

Fic: The Cards You’re Dealt
Rating: R
Summary: They meet the summer after the war at Hogwarts. One, wishing the world could stop for one minute and he could hide away. The other hoping for a new start and the ability to move forward. In each other, they may just find the strength to build themselves back up, along with the shattered walls of Hogwarts.
12,037 words.

Fic: Barriers Both, Flesh and Stone
Rating: NC17
Summary: An educational experiment turns disastrous.
56,596 words.

Art: The Losing Streak
Rating: PG13
Summary: Substitute DADA Professor Harry Potter finds himself facing off against Potions Professor Draco Malfoy once more. This time the stakes are higher than ever - it's the staff Strip Poker night at Hogwarts! After a couple of rounds of cards and a couple of rounds of Firewhiskey, everyone but Trelawney and Malfoy have had to take something off. Then Harry starts to lose every hand. In no time at all, he's down to his black silk pants and wizards hat. And just when it seems Malfoy's smirk couldn't possibly get smirkier and Harry might have to bare all (in front of McGonagall omg), Harry's luck miraculously turns, and the losing streak turns on Malfoy. Or maybe there's nothing of chance at all in that losing streak ...

Fic: Flying Lessons
Rating: PG13
Summary: What if there never was a Voldemort or a Boy-Who-Lived? What if the story was just about two Quidditch-obsessed boys who really hated each other?
9,000 words.

Art: Then You Look At Me
Rating: PG
Summary: After returning to Hogwarts for his Eighth Year, Harry has been sneaking off to gaze at the Mirror of Erised and gets trapped inside. Ensnared in a magical artifact that shows one's most desperate desires, who will be able to see the real him, let alone help him escape?

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