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Back to School Catch up No5 ... 27 September-3 October 2008

Almost there!

This is the last-but-one Catch up for the Back to School Fest. Posting will officially end on Monday 6th October and there will be a final Catch up on Tuesday. The Big Reveal with be next Sunday, 12th October

We hope you all enjoy catching up! Don't forget to leave comments for our talented artist and authors!

Fic: Survival Instinct
Rating: NC17
Summary: Voldemort has issued a proposition: if Harry Potter will return to Hogwarts for his seventh year, no harm will come to the students’ families. Harry’s saving-people-thing won’t let him say no.
39,000 words

Art: Greenhouse 3
Rating: R
Summary: Neville will never again look at a plant without blushing.

Fic: Transfixured: Snugs and Slails
Rating: NC17
Summary: “Well, we had a nice run. It was the strangest of times, but I’ll remember the inanity of it with a wistful fondness. Harry and Draco. Partners, mates. Dancing to silly music in a deserted room. Slugs with benefits. Yes. A nice run. Strange, but nice.”
37,700 words.

Fic: The Perfect Plan
Rating: PG15
Summary: Harry and Draco had an encounter once. Since then they’ve never even looked at each other. Now their sons along with their aunts and Headmaster Snape, create a plan to get them back together. To either talk it out, shag, or kill each other, they really don’t care which.
4,147 words.

Fic: Earthed
Rating: PG
Summary: The 7th year students were meant to become friends and learn more about a foreign culture, but unexpected circumstances force them to face more than they were prepared for.
2,500 words.

Fic: A Matter of Life or Death
Rating: NC17
Summary: Auror partners Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are known for bending and breaking the rules with such frequency, it comes as a surprise to everyone when they actually do follow protocol. After Malfoy ends up in hospital, Harry wonders if their luck has finally run out.
~ 11,000 words.

Fic: Baby's-Breath Boo-Boo
Rating: PG13
Summary: When Draco and Harry are left by their wives, Albus and Scorpius take it upon themselves to get their fathers together. After a love potion goes wrong, they find their families coming closer than ever.
7,250 words

Fic: Old Souls
Rating: PG
Summary: Harry and Draco have prophetic dreams that compel them to seek each other out.
5,317 words

Fic: Bed of Roses
Rating: NC17
Summary: It’s the Hogwarts Reunion and there’s only one way to survive: Getting drunk!
3,000 words.

Art: In the Broom Closet
Rating: NC17
Summary: In their final year at Hogwarts, Harry and Draco find a moment between classes...

Fic: Scenes from the Beginning to the End
Rating: PG13
Summary: Nobody expected Draco Malfoy to take on the tutoring of Harry Potter at the start of a new year in Hogwarts, but he does anyway… and he swears that it has nothing to do with Potter’s green eyes. Not everything can stay strictly business.
7,272 words.

Fic: Myrtle and Rosemary: Story of a Rebound
Rating: NC17
Summary: Something bad happens and then something really good happens. Both to one Draco Malfoy, DADA teacher at Hogwarts.
3,600 words.

Fic: Green Tinted Hufflepuff
Rating: G
Summary: Draco gets sorted into Hufflepuff, very much to his dismay.
AU, pre-slash.
9,342 words.

Fic: Harry Potter and a Series of Unfortunate, yet Highly Amusing, but Most Problematic Events
Rating: R
Summary: Harry is preparing for his death but then Draco gets him pregnant. Add Voldemort, classes, and 7th year is the worst year yet.
7,269 words.

Fic: Unspoken
Rating: PG
Summary: When Draco asks Harry to become the Headmaster of Hogwarts and save the school from falling to ruin, little does he know that Harry will do more than save Hogwarts.
6,123 words.

Fic: Look Again
Rating: PG13
Summary: Without Voldemort to take away the things most special to him, Harry Potter is just a normal boy. Until his godfather is attacked and sent into a coma. Now Harry must figure out a way to keep Sirius’ money out of the Malfoy’s greedy hands and his mind out of Draco’s pants!
17,900+ words.

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