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Back to School Catch up No3 ... 14-19 September 2008

Under the cut is the third Catch up for the Back to School Fest.

We hope you all enjoy catching up! Don't forget to leave comments for our talented artist and authors!

Fic: The More You Ignore Me
Rating: PG13
Summary: Hogwarts has gone through some changes, and now Harry is faced with scheming housemates, flying rose bushes and a Malfoy obsessed with Muggle music.
~ 6,800 words

Fic: Exodus Honey
Rating: Heavy R
Summary: In which Draco sucks at his job, Harry has problems, and an assload of illegal money helps the shit hit the fan. There are also Mafiosi, guns, carjackings and flip-flops. EWE.
35,000 words

Fic: Rising From the Ashes
Rating: R
Summary: Draco Malfoy never knew that he was, for a short time, Master of the Elder Wand. He also never expected to be saved from a fate worse than death by Harry Potter, of all people. But when “The Chosen One” chooses not to save his father, Draco sets out on a course to either reclaim the wand or make Potter pay, or both.
30,432 words.

Art: Prefects Bathroom
Rating: PG13
Summary: Year 5: Draco Spies on Harry Year 6: Harry Spies on Draco Year 7: They miraculously end up together *Q*

Fic: Status Quo
Rating: NC17
Summary: Eighth year has started and going back to school is harder than anyone thought. A proper outlet is needed – and found in games that hold more significance than anyone expected.
~ 11,000 words.

Fic: Wii-zard Championship
Rating: R
Summary: Poor Minerva had turned to drink. She didn't know whose idea it had been to start a Wii-zard Championship as part of the new Muggle Electronics and Artefacts curriculum, but she had a few choice words for them if she ever got her wand on the person.
~ 1,200 words.

Fic: The Translation Job
Rating: R
Summary: What if Harry used a different curse on Malfoy, back in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom? The Prince’s book was full of spells, and this time, Harry simply picked another spell. Again, he had no idea what it would do.
11,511 words

Art: Stargazing
Rating: PG
Summary: Night visits to the Owlery chase away bad dreams.

Fic: Come Together
Rating: PG13
Summary: If you had a chance to do it all again, would you take it?
10,900 words.

Fic: Series of Fortunate Events
Rating: NC17
Summary: After today, he firmly believed there was absolutely no way even she could have possibly survived teaching this long without the support of Ogden’s strongest brand of Firewhisky.
7,038 words.

Fic: A Most Delightful Detention
Rating: NC17
Summary: Harry and Draco are assigned lines for detention. What happens when Draco uses some very interesting ink?
~ 2,600 words.

Fic/Art: The Prince of Hearts
Rating: PG13
Summary: The discovery of a magical mirror leads to destruction that Draco could never imagine. But when he finally asks for help from the last person he wants to deal with, he gets more than he can ask for.
11,659 words.

Fic: The Green Rebellion
Rating: NC17
Summary: Suffering under a forced holiday, Harry decides to help Headmistress McGonagall find the missing Sorting Hat. Even though it’s only been 16 years, Harry finds that Hogwarts is not the same Hogwarts he remembers.
21,003 words.

Fic: Burn, Burn
Rating: NC17
Summary: The tireless dance of the flame, random and hypnotic, burned Draco’s retinas but he refused to look away. Closer, closer he reached until his palm hovered above the tiny flame. Three, two, then one inch away.
9,800 words.

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