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Back to School Catch up No2 ... 8-13 September 2008

Under the cut is the second Catch up for the Back to School Fest.

As was mentioned here, hd_inspired now has a website and we've been hosting all the art and longer stories for the Back to School Fest there.

There does seem to be a problem with the site today, which hopefully is just a glitch with the server.

We also know that some people have been having problems viewing the posts that are hosted off LJ, so we've now gone back to the beginning of the Fest and added another link that, hopefully, will work for everyone. A link to the first catch up post, with all the stories/art from week of the Fest can be found at the end of this post.

Sorry about the problems. We hope you all enjoy catching up!

Fic: Felix Felicis
Rating: PG13
Summary: What if Harry decided to use the Felix Felicis sooner?
5,920 words

Fic: On Death and Dying in Slow Motion
Rating: R
Summary: Harry Potter has lost his fire and can't be damned to care. He literally bumps into a sneering Draco Malfoy who talks down the mighty fallen hero. It might just be enough to spark some life back into Harry.
26,300 words

Fic: To Take Action
Rating: G
Summary: During the seventh book events in Ravenclaw's tower take a somewhat different turn.
2,532 words.

Fic: Hiding in Plain Sight
Rating: NC17
Summary: When the pressures of fame become too much, Harry Potter disappears into the Muggle world. However, when a desperate Professor McGonagall begs for his help he’s dragged back to Hogwarts, for a more difficult set of circumstances than he has come across before.
23,000 words.

Fic: A Good Bet
Rating: NC17
Summary: Since returning to Hogwarts Draco has been acting well... NICE! Harry is suspicious, Hermione thinks they should maybe give him a break, Ron still hates the git. Harry investigates. What IS up with Draco?
10,800 words.

Fic: Home
Rating: PG13
Summary: Sometimes, Harry wondered why he went back to Hogwarts.
1,901 words.

Fic: Chances Are.…
Rating: R
Summary: The war is over and the rebuild is at Hogwarts.
26,400 words

Fic: Passing Notes
Rating: PG
Summary: A few notes, back and forth.
2,000 words.

Fic: From The Great Beyond
Rating: R
Summary: Twenty-one years after the war, Professor Snape's ghost makes an appearance. Unlucky for him, Draco Malfoy is the only one who can see the ghost, and worse than that, Snape is determined to make him become the Potions professor at Hogwarts.
15,500 words.

Art: Battle
Rating: PG13
Summary: Harry and Draco battle against each other about whether to remove or keep the Hogwarts' Houses. Who will be the victor?

Fic: One-Winged Angels
Rating: NC17
Summary: As punishment for his crimes during the war, Draco must live in an isolated cabin in the Forbidden Forest until he can rescue fifty unicorn foals.
22,500 words.

Fic: Two Strangers on the Hogwarts Express
Rating: PG13
Summary: Harry and Draco meet on the Hogwarts Express.
3,012 words.

Fic: Principios
Rating: R
Summary: When James is cursed, Professor Malfoy and Madam Pomfrey start looking for a cure.
16,900 words.

Fic/Art: Torchwood Two And The Kedavra Eyes
Rating: PG13
Summary: Torchwood Two is on a permanently fixed, permanently accessible, parallel world. A world... of Magic.
5,798 words.

Back to School Catch up No 1 ... 1st-7th September 2008

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