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Fic: Yin and Yang (NC17)

Author: andrea__88 and nocturnali
Title: Yin and Yang
Pairing: Um… H/D comm… H/D maybe?
Rating: NC17
Summary: Five years, two boys, one bathroom… two universes…
Warnings: major character death, swearing, enough sex to make it NC17
Total word count: 1000

Original prompt request number: 6

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books and Warner Bros. Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author's notes: Inspired by a prompt from romaine24. Hope you enjoy this take on your wonderful idea.
Beta: jamie2109

Yin and Yang

Harry smiled shyly at the mermaid as she waved coyly at him. He’d bathed in the Prefect’s Bathroom a few times now; enough to be getting used to her anyway. She never talked, who would she tell?

He sank into the bubbles, sliding under the water and surfacing again when his lungs screamed for air.

Fucking Sirius Fucking Black! Malfoy was right, damnit! He should do something…




“Last I looked you weren’t a prefect.”

“Shouldn’t be looking then.”

Then Draco did look. He raised his eyebrows and smirked before dropping his own towel.

“Gonna faint again, Potter?”

“You do realise that Black isn’t a Death Eater.” Draco’s head broke the surface of the bath, purple and green bubbles clinging to his hair.

Laughing, Harry nodded. “I’m trying to work out how we can convince him to join us.”

“Gotta catch him first. They’re making sure he doesn’t get anywhere near you.”

“Yeah. It was hard enough just getting out of the dorm to meet you here. Lucky all the prefects are good and in bed by midnight.”

“Would you kill Black if you had to?”

“Yeah. I’d rather not though. He’d be more useful alive. Lupin too.”


Harry snuck into the Prefect’s Bathroom, hoping for a little peace and quiet.

“I’m really sorry, Harry… I’m going with Cedric…” he grumbled as he slipped into the water.

“Cedric...! A wimpy Swedish Short-Snout... I had a fucking Hungarian Horntail!” Harry slammed his hand against the water, sending bubbles flying.

“The great Harry Potter having a hissy fit,” Draco laughed, stepping out of the shadows, wearing nothing but a towel and a grin. “I wish I had my camera.”

“Fuck-off, Malfoy! At least I’m not taking Pug Face Parkinson.”

“Not my first choice. I can’t take who I really want...”

“Great show of being surprised when your name came out of the Goblet,” Draco said, leaning back against the tub. “It’s perfect. Everyone will think the Dark Lord is after you.”

“Yeah, Cedric better be worth the trouble,” Harry grumbled, wondering if he’d be able to curse him in the maze. “He’s taking Cho to the Yule Ball.”

Draco laughed, causing the bubbles to shift. “You’ll get more out of Parvati anyway. Why do you think I’m taking Pansy?”

“She’s not my type.” Harry liked Cho – flat chested with her long hair worn up, like when she was playing Quidditch.


The water was scalding, the bubbles dull blue, grey, black – black bubbles? – as if even they could sense Harry’s sadness. He watched his feet then his legs and finally his arms and torso redden from the heat. The stinging pain dulling the pain of Sirius’ death.

“Knew you’d be here, Potter.”

Harry knew that if he opened his eyes he’d see a smirk on Malfoy’s face. Better to just ignore him.

“They’re all looking for you. Going frantic. Your boyfriend was even desperate enough to ask me

“Boyfriend?” Harry asked dully.


Not my boyfriend.”

“Good to know…” Malfoy murmured.

“How’d the date go?” Draco settled himself in the bath.

Harry shifted closer to him. “She wished I was Cedric, I wished she was you.”

“She wants you to kiss her?”

“If she’d been you I would have.”

“Davies would have choked on his petit-fours.” Draco’s hand stroked Harry’s cock.

“You were watching?” Harry’s cock responded to Draco’s’ touch immediately.

“Of course. Don’t need you fucking her too.” Draco’s hand moved faster. “Found out who Snape is working for yet?”

Harry moaned. Did they have to talk about this now?

“It’s looking like it’s Dumbledore.”

“He has to die.”



Invisibility cloak in place, Harry followed the Marauder's Map to the Prefect’s Bathroom. Tonight he’d get the proof that Malfoy was indeed the Half-Blood Prince. Rounding the corner, he watched Draco toss his towel on the floor, slipping into the bubble bath.

Wand raised, Harry was about to make his move when he noticed Draco was crying.


Shocked, Harry stood rooted to the spot. Who knew Malfoy was capable of human emotions? Seeing Draco like this, the arrogance stripped away and vulnerable... He was strikingly handsome.


Harry desperately tried to ignore the flutter of excitement in his stomach.

“So it’s all set,” Harry whispered to Draco. “We’ll meet tonight in the Prefect’s Bathroom.”

“I can’t wait. You know how the bubbles turn me on,” Draco practically purred. With all the work setting up the Vanishing Cabinets, they hadn’t had much time alone together.

“No... We have to discuss the plan.”

“But it’s been so long... I have needs.” Draco wasn’t opposed to whining if it got him what he wanted.

Images of a towel clad boyfriend filled his mind. Harry let out a low growl, his trousers becoming uncomfortably tight. “Business first and then you can fuck me.”


The pool sized bath lay as empty as the Prefect’s Bathroom. No towels, no bubbles… no colour.

“Malfoy! I know you’re here.”

“Of course you do.” Draco stepped out from behind a pillar. Malfoys don’t hide.

“Why did you come here? You have to know it’s a dead end.”

“Over the past few years, this has been one place where I’ve relaxed… especially when you’re here too.”

“Is that right?” A jet of green light shot from Harry’s wand, killing Draco where he stood. “I don’t care anymore. That’s for Sirius and everyone else your lot have taken from me.”

Lying back in Draco’s arms, Harry relaxed further. The water temperature was perfect. Soft kisses fell on his neck and shoulders while a practiced hand leisurely stroked his cock.

“He doesn’t like us being together, you know.”

Harry nodded. Seems Voldemort liked very little when it came to him. “Think he knows our plans for when this is over?”

“Anything’s possible.” Draco sighed, “You should have learned more from Snape about controlling your thoughts.”

“If everything goes as it should, I think you’ll find that my ‘friends’ are going to be instrumental in overthrowing Voldemort and making me his replacement.”

Tags: back to school, fiction, nc17

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