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Gwyneth! Can I borrow your Oscar speech?

Otherwise known as The Big Reveal. Once again this fest far exceeded our expectations. Not only in the quality of art and fic submitted, but also the generosity of our members:

A heartfelt thank you to oldenuf2nb, grey_hunter and red_rahl for creating our beautiful banners.

Thanks to grey_hunter, luci0logy and red_rahl for making Animagus themed icons for the fest.

Our undying gratitude to our pinch hitters extraordinaire, who stepped up and offered their services: potteread and leochi, who helped us out with art. khateh - who wrote 2 fics for the fest. calanthe_fics and libby_drew who both wrote for us.

Thank you to the participants who graciously gifted their fics to the comm, when their recipients dropped out. And to all the particpants for, well.... participating. *adores*

To all of you who pimped the fest on your LJ’s and in newsletters, you hold a special place in our hearts.

And finally – dear gods, will someone shut that woman up! – to everyone who read and commented on the art and fics, your contributions are vital, both to the participants and the fest. There are several readers who commented on every post, but we haven’t had time to compile all the names yet. We will, but it may take a while.

And now…

Oh boy, would we be in trouble if fan fiction had calories. Between 1st May and 15th June, followers of the fest devoured 59 delicious stories totalling 794,308 words, which is the equivalent of FOUR Deathly Hallows, 11 drool worthy art posts, plus two stories graced with art.

The longest story was “Out of the Night that Covers Me”, with over 65,000 words.

The shortest story was “Prelude to the 7th Goblin Wars, Or, Thou Dewberry Pisshead Lout”, with 1,300 words and a most intriguing title.

What did our wonderful participants pick as the Animagus form?

Draco won this one! He was picked in 27 posts, while Harry managed a mere 19! The other 24 posts had both of them in animal form. In one story, Draco was clever enough to have two Animagi forms, the crafty Slytherin!

Harry took it on the chin with:

10 birds (including 1 hooded crow, 1 gull, 1 peregrine falcon, 2 falcons, 1 blackbird, 1 eagle, 1 parrot, 2 hawks and 1 owl)
9 Dogs (including 1 Chihuahua)
5 Big Cat (including 1 tiger, 1 leopard, 1 magical leopard, 1 panther and 1 lynx)
4 Cats
3 Phoenix
2 Rabbits
and one each of the follow: Bat, Crup, Duck, Fox, Horse, Polar Bear, Snake, Stag, Swan, Wolf

Draco has yet to forgive us for changing him into:

10 Cats
9 Birds (including 1 falcon, 1 kestrel, 1 eagle, 1 hawk, 3 owls and 1 parrot)
6 Dogs
4 Big Cats (including 1 Siberian tiger, 2 snow leopards and 1 magical liger)
3 Fox (including 1 Artic fox)
3 Peacocks (including 2 white peacocks)
3 Swans (including 2 white swan and 1 black swan)
2 Ferrets
2 Rabbits
2 Snakes
and one each of the following: Goat, Hamster, Horse, Magical creature, Newt, Penguin, Wolf, Walrus

And now, onto the Big Reveal.

hd_inspired Animagus Exchange 2008

raitala drew Night Flight for amariel
enchanted_jae wrote Doggie Style for starlitshore and tracy
avocado_love wrote Snidget Feathers for themarisa
bryoneybrynn wrote He Was He and I Was Bunny for jamie2109
eanelinea77 wrote Elurot Det Alsmai for gin_biscuit
aurieal wrote Things Are Gonna Change, I Can Feel It for mon_ami_runa
mayflo drew Harry Potter and the Frozen Prince for shinigami_star
gin_biscuit wrote Fur and Feather for enchanted_jae
kcstories wrote Feathered Deception for alaana_fair
empress_jae wrote White Feathers for harrysexmagick
tracy and starlitshore wrote It's the Wrong Time (And I Got No Excuse) for sesheta_66
malachic wrote Welcome to K-Ville for avocado_love
oldenuf2nb wrote On Falcon's Wings for xanateria
alaana_fair wrote Secret Heart for bryoneybrynn
leochi drew On Auror Duty with Potter for hazel_wand
irrelevant wrote Getting There for alexis_sd
themarisa wrote The Great Shock for raitala
charmed310 wrote Dragon Pox for kcstories
softly_sweetly wrote Takedown for zness
sesheta_66 wrote A Sheep An Auror in Wolf's Dog's Clothing or An Auror in Dog's Clothing for ravenpan
auroraprimavera wrote Assalto di Gioia for romaine24
jamie2109 wrote Like a Shag on a Rock for realitiedout
bonfoi wrote The Owl and the Harry-cat for mayflo
amariel drew Inner Animal for emerald_dragon8
megan_sage wrote Someday We'll Know for khateh
zness wrote Falling Slowly for yura_slash
harrysexmagick wrote The Snake's Mate for potteread
grey_hunter wrote Potty Wee Potter and a Newt in Transfiguration for red_rahl
winnett wrote A Star and a Stray Cat for empress_jae
torringmay and sorringmay wrote Outside the Box for megan_sage
stillaseeker wrote Prelude to the 7th Goblin Wars, Or, Thou Dewberry Pisshead Lout for leochi
realitiedout wrote Tuum est for crimson_stained
gold_loewin drew Passing the Wand for auroraprimavera
dm_p wrote The Only Thing That’s Right (In All I’ve Done) for eanelinea77
slashpervert and aveeno_baby wrote Roommates, Boyfriends, and Other Indoor Pets for bonfoi
liz_chan wrote Owl Treats for the hd_inspired Community
xanateria wrote Learning Curve for softly_sweetly
sugareey wrote You Can Run But You Can't Hide for liz_chan
hazel_wand wrote Running Up That Hill for chibidraco
maab_connor wrote A Deep Quiet, A Mad Freedom for sugareey
leochi drew Kitty Love for sorringmay and torringmay
anathema91 wrote Compatibility for lettered
chibidraco wrote Through Faoran’s Eyes for aurieal
romaine24 wrote My Nawa Jujun for the hd_inspired Community
mayfly_78 wrote Snakes and Ladders for k_krum
khateh wrote Hard to Forget for melmoe1
empathic_siren wrote Leaping Towards Tomorrow for gold_loewin
melmoe1 drew The Cottage for snapiphany
shadowclub wrote Radial Acceleration for malachic
crimson_stained wrote and drew The Swan Potter for the hd_inspired Community
femmeferret wrote Tea and Rabbits for dm_p
alexis_sd wrote Never say you love me for slashpervert and aveeno_baby
snapiphany wrote Out of the Night that Covers Me (Abridged) for winnett
potteread wrote and drew A Nothing to Anything for midnight_birth
milady_darken drew Sunny Days for megyal
monoceros_writ wrote Kitty Kisses for charmed310
shinigami_star wrote After the War for oldenuf2nb
nokasslash wrote Speaka for mayfly_78
calanthe_fics wrote Crup-tion of the Not-So-Innocent for femmeferret
megyal wrote The Beauty of Trees for shadowclub
potteread drew Serpent Tongue-Tied for nokasslash
lettered wrote Ain't No Friend of Mine for dragon_charmer
ravenpan wrote Endangered Familiar for the hd_inspired Community
yura_slash wrote Stray for anathema91
midnight_birth wrote Phoenix Song for milady_darken
khateh wrote Nets for irrelevant
k_krum drew Careful He Bites for stillaseeker
libby_drew wrote What Learned in Flight for empathic_siren
emerald_dragon8 wrote A far better fate for maab_conner
red_rahl drew One Fowl Day for luci0logy
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