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PROMPTS ARE NOW CLOSED! Grab your quills ... hd_inspired goes Back To School 
17th-Jun-2008 08:02 pm
hd inspired - art by lillithium
Prompts are now closed!

luci0logy, dragon_charmer and jamie2109
welcome everyone to...

back to school banner

hd_inspired goes Back To School

Missing classic Hogwarts? Lusting after Professor fic? Want something that’s post-epilogue? Wondering about the missing Seventh-year? Then look no further, because our Third Themed Fest is the place to be.

This time the focus is on Hogwarts-related Fiction and Art, but rather than just Harry and Draco’s years as students, submissions can take place at any time (see the rules for further details).

The Fest is going to be a little different this time. We want YOU, the Members and Watchers of the community to suggest prompts. This means that even if you don’t write and/or draw you can still join in with the prompting process.

Once the list of prompts has been posted, writers and artists are free to pick the one they would like to work with. Each prompt can only be claimed once (and no claiming your own prompts!). The prompt list will remain open and additional prompts can be claimed but only when the first one has been completed and sent into the mods.

So, grab your parchment and sharpen your quills!

Sign-ups are now open for your prompts and will close on 23rd June 2008.
Prompt Selection will begin on 24th June 2008.
Submission deadline will be 10th August 2008 for people who have never written for hd_inspired and 17th August 2008 for all other participants.
Posting will begin on Monday 1st September 2008

The Rules

This is a Harry/Draco Hogwarts-related fest and all stories/art must follow that premise. However it does not have to be the main focus. The story/art can be any genre but must include either Harry or Draco (or both) spending time at Hogwarts.

All fiction and art MUST be new and written/drawn specifically for the Fest. It should NOT be posted anywhere else until after the Reveal, which will at the beginning of October.

You can submit as many prompts as your creative juices come up with and each one should include the following information:

Era: It can be any time from Harry and Draco arriving for their first year at Hogwarts to the Epilogue and beyond. You can be as specific as "First year" or "Post-epilogue" or more vague such as "School years". If the era you pick is post-Deathly Hallows, please mention whether it should be epilogue-compliant or not..
Additions: Three items you’d like included in the submission, e.g. a letter from home, the colour purple, the Quidditch pitch.
Scenario: A chance for you to come up with the story idea you’ve always wanted to use (eg Harry and Draco meet on the Hogwarts Express ten years after the war).
Squicks: To list things you really don’t like.
Maximum Rating: Self-explanatory *g*

Prompting Form:
To submit a prompt, copy and complete the following and post it as a comment on this post:

While we hope that all prompts are taken up, we can’t guarantee that your ideas will be used.

• There is no lower word limit this time, let your imagination flow whether it’s for a drabble or something longer.
• All submissions must be beta read and free of spelling mistakes. The name of the beta(s) should be included.
• All submissions will be checked before posting and returned to the author with comments if necessary. We reserve the right to make general spelling, canon spelling and minor grammatical changes and will send an amended version of the document back to the author.
• All work should be a stand-alone and MUST not be part of another series or a sequel.
• Your finished story must be supplied as a Word document with the “.doc” coding. It should be supplied complete with all LJ coding, such as bold and italic, and appropriate warnings.

• This should be a stand-alone piece, but can be in the form of a comic.

Joining the Comm:
Anyone taking part in the Exchange should add hd_inspired to their friends list to allow them to keep up with updates etc.

Deadlines and problems:
While deadlines are not carved in stone, please try to keep to them. If you are having problems in getting your submission finished in time, please contact us sooner rather than later. We will do our best to help. The Comm’s Email address is: hdinspired@gmail.com

And, finally, for everyone who wants to pimp the Fest, here’s the coding. Copy what’s in the box and pimp away! *g*

18th-Jun-2008 10:58 pm (UTC) - Le Prompts Set 5: Voldemort never resurrected [Part One]
Era (be as explicit or vague as you like): Seventh Year with no Voldemort to foul things up
Additions (three items to include): Lucius and Narcissa lusting after Harry's Black vaults; protective Goblins of Gringotts; Bill Weasley's amazing curse-breaking
Scenario: In a world without Voldemort, Harry Potter grew up with his godfather, Sirius Black who loves to blackmail Severus Snape into potions' tutorials for his godson and other unsavory things! *LOL* When Sirius falls ill and comatose, Snape tries to protect Harry from the avaricious Malfoys, except for Draco who has a crush on The-Boy-Who-Lived. Oh, joy!
Squicks (things you really don’t like): speechless!Narcissa; lack of crazy Aunt Bellatrix; mushy, adoring fan letters; non-snarking Snape; fawning goblins
Maximum rating: NC17

Era (be as explicit or vague as you like): Sixth Year without Voldemort around to mar Draco's lily-white forearm
Additions (three items to include): Lucius Malfoy; James Potter's portrait; Golden Snitch
Scenario: Lucius Malfoy controls Harry's life as executor of his father's will. He grew up under the stairs of Malfoy Manor, watching Draco get everything he wanted but enjoying none of it. Crabbe and Goyle visit and Harry helps them study for their classes at Hogwarts, which in turn brings Albus Dumbledore and his pet Potions master, Severus Snape, and the ghost attached to him...dun, dun, dun! James Potter! With James' ephemeral being around, things change in Harry's life.
Squicks (things you really don’t like): snooty!snot-nose!privileged!James Potter; unsympathetic!Snape; manipulative!Dumbledore; absence of deadly Malfoy rose garden; physically abused!Harry
Maximum rating: NC17

Era (be as explicit or vague as you like): After Seventh Year and still no Voldemort
Additions (three items to include): Peter Pettigrew/Scabbers; Mors Morde; Pickled Pixie Posteriors for use in Penultimate Penile Potion
Scenario: Harry still has The Half-Blood Prince's potions book and he's been studying before he goes off to the Aurors. He's been looking for Pickled Pixie Posteriors, which seem to be a specialty of one of the Malfoy businesses. It will take some doing to get that ingredient and he decides to woo Draco "The Ice Prince" Malfoy to get his foot in the door.
Squicks (things you really don’t like): ignoring school-yard /Quidditch Pitch rivalry; wham-bam-thank you-man sex; no slow burn or build-up; no Snape
Maximum rating: NC17

Era (be as explicit or vague as you like): Voldemort-free Fifth Year
Additions (three items to include): Dolores Umbridge; Inquisition Squad of fools; the bouncing bed of bondage
Scenario: Harry found a wonderful book in his Christmas Stocking, Bondage for All Ages, a gift from his still living godfather, a very much Pureblooded Prankster, Sirius Black. He finds out that the book was once his father's and a Slytherin Upper Year's and decides to follow in James' footsteps...with Blaise Zabini! Draco Malfoy is not amused!
Squicks (things you really don’t like): girl!Blaise Zabini; frilly knickers on Blaise; Lucius Malfoy being sooo understanding; absence of Dobby the House-elf
Maximum rating: NC17

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