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<Author/Artist: potteread
Recipient: midnight_birth
Title: A Nothing to Anything
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: NC17
Summary: When nothing seems to happen, two students find each other something to do.
Warnings (if any): heavy sarcasm, fighting, intense boredom, and mouth!sex.
Total word count: 2301
Disclaimer: This story/artwork is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros. Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author's/artist's notes (if any): midnight_birth asked for light bondage, fight!sex against the wall cliché, violent!insistent!strong!Malfoy, banter, frotting, buggery, sarcasm... hopefully she got what she asked for. n____n I'd like to thank the mods, un_sedentary for being my gofer, and my lovely beta for helping me out. C:
Beta(s): occasusvenustas

A Nothing to Anything

It didn't gradually build up; it was as though everything happened overnight. After the final battle everything felt mellowed, distant. Outside Hogwarts’ walls the surroundings were calm, the air was flat, even the sky was different.

Students lounged in the courtyards with a tranquillity that was abnormal. The ones that did muster up enough energy to saunter down the path leading to the lake were few, if not unheard of. No one did anything, no one said anything, no one felt anything.

Harry Potter was sure that upon his arrival to Hogwarts the Autumn term after Voldemort's defeat would be a blessing compared to the year before. However, this nothingness filled his entirety and caused him to just… drift. There was no care for school, for lessons. There was no care for feasts or balls. There was only a stillness that even the professors felt and adopted.

Hogwarts was no longer home, it was the place that concealed the deaths of his friends and the ones he had considered family. There was no welcoming in his seventh year, the dead a constant reminder. At eighteen the young wizard knew that he should feel free, feel alive, feel something, but he just didn't care to. He was empty.

Hermione and Ron, after coming together at the beginning of the year, where wrapped around the existence of each other, not noticing the way Harry started to fall into the background and out of sight. Ginny was Ginny. Every guy in their year, and yes they shared the same now, was open for the choosing. It started with slow caresses that Harry would try to ignore; her freckled hand trailing circles up Neville's thigh or wrapping its way around Dean's bicep. It was no surprise that Ginny felt Harry lacking. After all, he mused, you can only defeat a madman twice and what type of thrill is there once the threat has passed?

Anyone who had been in their final year at Hogwarts during the last term was encouraged to retake their lessons. Many students felt this was justice for having such horrible tutelage the year before. This was also taking into consideration whether or not the children cared or just stuck around because it was something to do. No one questioned the lack of enthusiasm when it came to school, nor when it came to much else. Life was at peace now and if certain individuals didn't feel much when practicing lessons, who could blame them?

The day that Harry actually chose to leave the comfort of the common room and the languid silence that swept around the muddled students who lounged there, was the day that changed his perspective.

Passing by portraits that were unusually empty, Harry made his way slowly toward the Hogwarts kitchens. His feet barely left the stone floors as he shuffled unhurriedly through the empty corridors. The staircases were unmoving in the silence, making Harry have to take routes that were unfamiliar. Though he knew Hogwarts, knew its innermost secrets, he wasn't prepared for the surprises the castle had in store.

The castle, it seemed, was not pleased with having its inhabitants so out of sorts. It didn't like how there were no students about to trick with switching staircases and missing steps. So when the young saviour of the Wizarding world decided to move, it was too good of an opportunity to waste.

For there was only one other restless resident within the castle walls, who too was bored of lazing around with people more into themselves and the silence surrounding them.

Draco Malfoy didn't plan on returning to Hogwarts, he didn't plan on facing this emptiness, and sure as hell didn't plan on running into the only other person up and about. Yet the two boys managed to collide into one another, in a relatively empty school. Harry later would blame it on the school itself, Draco was already blaming it on the nonexistent luck he seemed to be gifted with.

"Watch where you're going, Potter!" Draco snapped, already regaining his composure.

"I was watching Malfoy, why don't you just get out of my way?" Harry knew his reply was lacking, but it was the most he had spoken in what seemed like weeks.

"If you'll remember, I'm still a prefect at this school and as such do not need to take orders from the likes of you." Draco replied smugly. There were only a few things he could top the Boy-Who-Lived in and he'd be damned before he didn't rub those in.

It may have been the jibe, it may have been the smug expression, it may have even been that the silence was finally broken. Whatever the cause, Harry snapped. He'd had enough of everything, of nothing. His fist rose in the air and came crashing down in Malfoy's face.


Draco swayed on his feet, his nose throbbing. Gaining his balance once more and with eyes squinting through the pain, he rushed at his nemesis. The two smashed into the adjacent wall, Draco successfully pinning the Gryffindor to the stone.

Harry's back dug into the unforgiving rock, and before he could effectively reach for his wand, his arms were yanked above his head.

Draco made fast work of the situation. Using one hand to trap the arms where they were, he used his other to free his wand from its confines. Muttering a quick spell, the arms were bound in place and Draco was able to step back from his quarry.

"Let me go!" Harry yelled, thrashing from side to side trying to release the bonds. He narrowed his eyes at the other boy before he grew silent once more.

"What's the matter Scarhead? Am I being too rough on the ickle saviour?" Draco chanted, taking on his demented Aunt's babying voice.

Harry remained silent.

Not liking how his statement didn't provoke the desired effect, Draco tried again. "Is this how you defeated the Dark Lord, Potter? Surrendering like a cowardly child?"


"What, am I right?" Draco taunted, "You let everyone die for you and then you just surrender with no fight? You truly are pathetic, Potter."


"ARRRG!" Draco yelled. He wasn't pleased with getting no reaction, wasn't pleased with the same nothingness that surrounded him everywhere else he went. If nothing could get this boy to react, then nothing was going to have to find a new target. Knowing perfectly well what enticed himself, Draco leaned forward and planted his lips on the unresponsive raven-haired wizard.

Nothing happened at first, then slowly lips parted and tongues met. Harry didn't know what was happening; wasn't sure what to do. He had never considered himself queer and certainly never fancied Draco bloody Malfoy before, but this? This was just… fine. He met each swirl for swirl, each thrust for thrust, each suction for suction. Their tongues danced in each others mouths, one forcing its way in and then retreating as the other decided to conquer.

When it became apparent that the two needed to separate in order to breathe, Draco made short order of the time by unbuttoning Potter's shirt. The best thing, Draco would have to admit about this lack of anything, was the lack of wearing robes. Not being arsed enough to dress in proper school attire, he was able to make short order of the other wizard's clothing.

With his shirt properly unbuttoned, Draco was pleased to notice the toned flesh beneath. He'd never been attracted to Potter before, but he'd figured any port would do in the storm of silence surrounding them. Returning to the panting mouth, Draco circled fingers around pert nipples and down rippling chest muscles. After several minutes of this, however, Draco realized that it wasn't as fulfilling as he'd like it to be. Releasing the bonds, Draco was pleased when one arm snaked its way around his shoulders and the other remained flat against the wall clearly a sign of relinquishing dominance.

Opening his own shirt proved faster and Draco was delighted when Potter pulled him closer, parting his legs in the process. Raising a knee to ground into Potter's arousal was almost as perfect as hearing the breathy little moans coming out between each kiss.

art for midnightbirth

Potter's moans were intoxicating. The very air around them hummed with the pent up sexual energy. Draco dragged his lips from Potter's mouth, trailing down a sweat-slicked neck and nibbled on a jutting collarbone.

The path down Potter's torso was smooth and delicious, his nipples hard and yielding. Draco kneeled before the other wizard and oh-so-slowly ran his hands up the inside of Harry's thighs. The quivering muscles and the breathy, "More," lead the blond's hands to releasing the other's slim, hard cock.

From his kneeling position, Draco looked back up and was mesmerized by Harry's lust filled gaze. Harry's half-lidded eyes spoke volumes, they begged and pleaded. In that moment, those green eyes were all for Draco, surrendering. Wasting no more time, Draco engulfed Harry's passion and moaned at the erotic taste.

Watching that blond head covering his cock, Harry let out a hoarse moan. How long had he fantasized on ways to shut Malfoy up, and finally he had the answer. A dick in the mouth, Harry mused, my dick in his mouth. The blond head sped up, sucking and swirling that wicked tongue. Harry's conscious thoughts subsided, leaving behind pure animal instincts. His hips began to thrust and unrecognizable words were babbled out of his panting pink mouth.

Harry came hard, moaning the release of each pulse down that elegant throat. He sighed as he stared down into storm colour eyes. Draco rose before Harry could sag to the ground and recaptured those lips.

Harry worked on unbuttoning Draco's slacks as the blond ravaged his mouth. Freeing the blond’s large cock, Harry wrapped his sweaty palm around it. Three short, rough tugs later and Draco was screaming his completion into the empty corridor.

After they had finished and slid down the wall together, they let the quiet simmer around them for a bit. It wasn't the deafening silence like before; it was closer to how it used to be when students were supposed to be in classes and the corridors empty for only an hour or so. There was a bustle in the air, of movement finally taking effect. Not sure what they had done, if anything at all to cause the loss of emptiness, Harry turned his gaze to Draco. Making light of their encounter he joked, "And here I thought you had no real ambition about anything."

"Having no ambition for nothing is not the same as having none for anything Potter," Draco replied in a voice lacking any true venom.

"Oh?" Harry asked with a smirk. "Then what do you plan to aspire to? A politician with no ambition for nothing?" Even though it didn't really make much sense, it seemed that Malfoy understood.

"Hardly. No, I believe I'll Master in Transfiguration once our NEWTs have been sat." Draco explained.

"Transfiguration?! Like you're some expert? Harry asked, unbelieving and a little amused at the prospect.

"I'll have you know Potter, I'm an excellent Transfiguration pupil." At Harry's guffaw he went on to say, "I'll prove it! I'm already a Registered Animagus."

Harry was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe the little ferret became an Animagus before him. He was already planning on catching the blond in his conniving tracks. "Then prove it."

"I don't have to," Draco snapped. At Harry's I told you so look Draco rebuked, "I don't think you'd appreciate my form in its entirety."

Oh, this was good, Harry thought. What he said was, "Come on, let's see." On receiving a sour glare he added in his most sincere voice, "I won't laugh."

"Oh, for the love of— fine! I'm a walrus, happy?" Draco sneered.

There was a peaceful stillness before Harry's laughter began to echo down the corridors, bouncing and reverberating as it went. "Wait, wait," Harry sucked in a lungful of air and after a while his face grew strait. "You're serious!"

"Of course I'm bloody serious!" Draco snapped.

There was a long pause as the two sat against the stone wall and stared out into blankness. Harry finally turned toward Draco once more and asked jovially, "Is it because of your stunning smile?"

"Is it because of my stunning smile?" Draco mimicked in a childish manner before he replied, "Hardly Potter, it's because the Animagus form coalesces from what is already apparent in the witch or wizard."

"Alright," Harry conceded. "So what makes you and a walrus similar?"

"Do you know what male walruses are known for?" Draco asked with lowered lashes and a sultry voice.

Not understanding where Draco was going with this or why he suddenly began to feel his lower regions tighten up again, he stuttered a replied, "N-no."

"Male walruses, like myself, are very well endowed," Draco flirted.

"Oh." That was all that Harry could force himself to reply until some idiot highjacked his mouth and added, "Can I see?"

Draco knew he should have left it at that. Harry knew he should leave at that. What neither boy was really expecting was for Draco to disappear and a two-ton walrus to take his place.

After that day Harry had to admit that no one could ever say that Malfoy was lacking in either his human or animal form. He knew, without a doubt, that whatever his Animagus form was going to be, he'd seriously need to consider measurements. After all, Draco was only allowed to top him in a few things. Though to be honest, as long as Malfoy was on top, he really couldn't care.
Tags: animagus exchange, fiction, nc17
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