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Animagus Catch up ... 31st May-6th June 2008

Here is Animagus Catch up No 5.

There are just nine days left of the Exchange. They will continue to be full of yet more wonderful stories and art for your continued pleasure. Please remember to leave comments for all our talented authors and artist.

Posting will end on Sunday 15th June
The final Catch up post will be on Monday 16th June
The Big Reveal will be on Saturday 21st June

Through Faoran’s Eyes
Fiction for aurieal
Rating: PG
Summary: Draco Malfoy is receiving threatening letters and Shacklebolt wants to assign someone to watch over him during his time off. Who will take the case when no one else will?
14,714 words

My Nawa Jujun
Fiction for the hd_inspired Community
Rating: NC17
Summary: A small, unsolved case has Auror Harry Potter annoyed. His persistence pays off, and the answer reveals what his favourite DADA professor, Remus Lupin, meant by "the Animagus transformation can go horribly wrong".
49,675 words

Snakes and Ladders
Fiction for k_krum
Rating: NC17
Summary: Twenty years later and there’s a new subversive threat to the wizarding world. Draco would rather not get involved either way, much less work with Harry Potter for the Ministry’s behalf. Epilogue compliant.
18,753 words

Hard to Forget
Fiction for melmoe1
Rating: PG13
Summary: "Memory is a complicated thing, a relative to truth, but not its twin." - Barbara Kingsolver
15,100 words

Leaping Towards Tomorrow
Fiction for gold_loewin
Rating: R
Summary: Animagus alignment is all the rage for finding one's true love. Why doesn't Harry want to have anything to do with it?
5,000 words

The Cottage
Art for snapiphany
Rating: PG
Summary: Draco gets invited to supper. Harry has a surprise.

Radial Acceleration
Fiction for malachic
Rating: PG13
Summary: Like all good thing, Harry’s life seemed to come to an end. EWE. Takes place about three years after the war.
15,000 words

The Swan Potter
Fiction and art for the hd_inspired Community
Rating: PG
Summary: All Draco had wanted was for Harry Potter to pay attention. When Potter ends up in the Manor, Draco tries to help Potter escape, and instead, accidentally finds a way to make Potter listen to everything he has to say.
9,989 words

Tea and Rabbits
Fiction for dm_p
Rating: PG13
Summary: Harry gets fired from his job, and Aberforth Dumbledore hooks him up with a new partner in crime.
2,250 words

Never say you love me
Fiction for slashpervert and aveeno_baby
Rating: NC17
Summary: Three little words that hold more power than the Killing curse. Three little words that define a relationship that stretches through time, binding two people irrevocably…
3,000 words

Out of the Night that Covers Me (Abridged)
Fiction for winnett
Rating: NC17
Summary: Most days, Harry Potter wished he’d just stayed in bed. Tonight, he definitely should have listened.
65,000 words

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