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Almost there ....

This is a gentle reminder that there are just FOURTEEN DAYS to the submissions deadline for hd_inspired's first fic exchange.

We've had some wonderful art and fic in so far and the fest is going to be such fun *grins*. BUT we want the rest, so if you're still working on your submission, please take a moment to comment and let us know how things are going. We're here to help and promise not to bite.

if you have finished, then don't wait for the deadline to send your submission in.

If you've sent something in and haven't had your email acknowledged, please get in touch again because it means we haven't received it.

The comm's email address is hdinspired@gmail.com

When you are ready to send your art or story in, PLEASE read through this post. It contains submission details, including header info that needs to be completed by everyone.
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