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Animagus Exchange ... Sign ups are now closed

luci0logy, dragon_charmer and jamie2109
welcome everyone to hd_inspired’s

H/D Animagus Exchange

After the success of hd_inspired’s Mpreg Exchange, we are pleased to announce our Second Themed Gift Exchange. This time the focus will be on another of those secret passions -- Animagus Fic/Art and once again the Exchange will be anonymous with a Big Reveal of authors and artists at the end.

Fiction and art can be any genre, but must include either Harry or Draco (or both) as Animagi.

So, without further ado, on with the small print, which there isn’t that much of.

Sign-ups are now open and will close on 1st February 2008.
Assignments will be sent out by 15th February 2008
Submission deadline will be 15th April 2008
Posting will begin on 1st May 2008

The Rules
This is a Harry/Draco Animagus fest and all stories/art must follow that premise. However it does not have to be the main focus. The story/art can be any genre but must include either Harry or Draco (or both) as Animagi.

The use of Animagi in stories/art
We know everyone has their favourite Animagi creatures, but we don’t want to either tie the author/artist down to a particular animal or take away the element of surprise for the reader, so everyone will be able to name up to THREE animals that they DON’T want used in their gift.

All fiction/art MUST be new and written/drawn specifically for the Exchange. It should NOT be posted anywhere else until after the Reveal, which will be towards the end of May.

• can be any length, but please aim for at least 1000 words or longer.
must be beta read and free of spelling mistakes.
• must not be part of another series or a sequel.
• can be any rating.
• must be supplied complete with all LJ coding, such as bold and italic, and appropriate warnings.

• should be a stand-alone piece, but can be in the form of a comic.

Deadlines and problems
If you are having problems keeping to the deadline or any questions, please contact us.
Email: hd_inspired@gmail.com

Sign-up Form
Please copy and complete the following and post it in a comment on this post:

And that’s about it! So what are you waiting for? Go off and sign up!
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