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The Big Reveal

*blows trumpet*

The Big Reveal is finally here!.

That's right, folks. Beneath the cut is the list of all the superb authors and their fics. Whilst we realise we didn't hold a guessing competition, will any of your suspcions be correct, or will your theory be blown out of the water?

k_krum drew Family Portrait for azicrow
empathic_siren wrote Sperm Cow for alexis_sd
ddayspring wrote Ten Cliches for irya_angelus
jamie2109 wrote Caught up in the Hope of Maybes for k_krum
illianor wrote Sparkly-Eyed Nargles Know It All for alissomora
dm_p wrote Her for dragon_charmer
oldenuf2nb wrote If Wishes Were Children for sassy_cissa
romaine24 wrote Jolene for mayflo
elfflame wrote The Easiest Lie for oldenuf2nb
alissomora wrote Expecting the Unexpected for romaine24
melmoe1 drew Sunrise for gin_biscuit
chibidraco wrote Exceeding Expectations for daemon_familiar
corvusdea wrote Moments In Between for coffeejunkii
azicrow wrote Congratualtions for chibidraco
coffeejunkii wrote Circles for corvusdea
khateh wrote Ripples for melmoe1
daemon_familiar wrote Miracle for red_rahl
alisanne wrote Sex and Consequences for snottygrrl
irya_angelus drew Snapshots for shadowclub
rurounihime wrote Coming to Terms for faynia
kermit_thefrog wrote Something Lily for empathic_siren
winnett wrote Collisions for kermit_thefrog
faynia wrote Shotgun for alisanne
alexis_sd wrote Undesirable No.1 and Undesirable No.1 ~An Epilogue of a Kind~for charmed310
taradiane wrote Unconventional for jamie2109
ravenpan wrote To Create a Life for dacro
red_rahl drew The Moaning After and A Pregnant Diagnosis for roedhunt
gin_biscuit wrote Under His Skin for winnett
original_lie wrote Bump for elfflame
charmed310 wrote With You All The Way for ravenpan
dacro wrote The Infection for ddayspring
sassy_cissa wrote The Road to Fatherhood for team_bowyer
mayflo drew Just a Little Help for dm_p
enchanted_jae wrote Like Father, Like Son for original_lie
snottygrrl wrote But Hold Me Fast, Let Me Not Go for rurounihime
shadowclub wrote Amorphous for taradiane
dragon_charmer wrote Never the Same Again for khateh
ellie_nor wrote Stand by Me for illianor

Additional thanks to enchanted_jae and ellie_nor, our pinch hitters. ♥

Now is the time to post your fic on your own LJ, archive etc, if you feel so inclined. Artists, if you need anything back from us, let us know on the usual email addy. Folks whose fic will be in late, we would still like to post here first before you post on your LJs.

Once again, heart felt thanks for being part of something exciting, something new in the HP fandom. Who said fandom would die after DH? We haven't really started yet!

Anyone interested in another themed fest... spring 2008, maybe? *runs for cover*
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