July 7th, 2008

hd inspired - art by lillithium

Call for Betas

We are looking for volunteers to help beta for the Back to School Fest.

If you are interested, please comment with a contact email and brief details on your beta'ing experience and what type of story/rating you are willing to beta for. Authors can then contact volunteers directly to discuss what type of beta they require.

Also, there are some LJ communities that have been set up to help authors find a beta. We don't have any personal knowledge of these comms, but hope they might prove useful. This is by no means a complete list. If you know of others, please comment and we'll update this list.



There is also a website called Perfect Imagination, which is a searchable directory of beta readers for several fandoms including Harry Potter.

hd inspired - art by lillithium

Submission information for Back to School

Submission Information

Art by naadi
hd_inspired Goes Back to School

Today has been very exciting ... we had our FIRST PIECE OF ART submitted for the Fest, and it is awesome *grins*. So awesome I'd like to post it now, but will have to wait patiently for 1st September. It did make us realise it's time to post the Submission Information.

We actually have over one hundred claims at the moment and can't really believe how many have taken up the challenge. Hopefully everyone is getting on well with their writing and art. If you're having any problems let us know - we don't bite and are here to help. And feel free to let us know how you are getting on by commenting to this post.

Here is the information you will all need for when you are ready to send in your submission.

Please read the following as it contains submission details

*Takes breath and apologises in advance for the length of this post*

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