July 5th, 2008

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Following an inital consultation poll here last year, dragon_charmer, jamie2109 and I still want to gauge interest from you.

hd_inspired was initially set up as an award comm for Harry Draco art/fiction. Then LJ had a strop and fandom fragmented, with folks locking their LJ's or moving to other sites.

We've been mulling over the fan art/fic awards idea since LJ imploded and we still believe there is a gap for something that would run annually: only looking at fics/art posted within a given previous 12 months - like the Oscars for film, the Booker Prize for literature or the Turner Prize for art.

We do not have anything firmly set in our heads beyond the notion of only focussing on h/d (or d/h) art/fics posted in the previous 12 months before the awards are announced in February.

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As this is our initial foray into the world of fandom awards, we would welcome anything else you can suggest or questions you want to ask.

Edit: I made the poll on my LJ and locked it. It should work now.