June 26th, 2008

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A special thank you to a special person and dear friend

This post is a thank you to dragon_charmer/ earth_magic who, during the Animagus fest, not only proof read the incoming fics with myself and jamie2109, but also dealt with everyone's enquiries and requests for extensions in a most gracious manner, posted most of the art/fics and wrote the weekly catch up posts and coded the reveal.

She also went above and beyond the call of modly duty when the Back to School prompts opened for claiming on Tuesday, answering people almost as quickly as they posted.

Honey, I asked one of our favourite artists, lillithium, if she would be willing to create a little something just for you on the Animagus theme to help me to say thank you. Here it is (and the original is winging its way to you):

Learning Process by Lillithium.

We hope you like it. ♥
hd inspired - art by lillithium

Squeeage and a clarification


You know how those perfect beings on awards shows drone on about how surprised they are to be recognised for their work and being given some god awful looking piece of metal or plastic (apart from the classic Oscar statue), how humbled they are by all the excitement and attention? And we're all thinking 'Yeah, right. Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.'

Well, believe us, your boggled mods, when we say that we are pleasantly surprised - bollocks to that, we're absolutely full of squee - over how many of you good people have signed up for this new theme: both authors and artists. And how how excited we are to have this interest in the different format.


Thank you mayflo for bringing our attention to the fact that we were being a little harsh on all you artists out there by expecting you to include all three additions in your image. We would like artist to include one or more of the additions, when interpreting a prompt. However fiction should still include all three.

*crosses fingers and hopes that helps*
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