June 21st, 2008

hd inspired - art by lillithium

Gwyneth! Can I borrow your Oscar speech?

Otherwise known as The Big Reveal. Once again this fest far exceeded our expectations. Not only in the quality of art and fic submitted, but also the generosity of our members:

A heartfelt thank you to oldenuf2nb, grey_hunter and red_rahl for creating our beautiful banners.

Thanks to grey_hunter, luci0logy and red_rahl for making Animagus themed icons for the fest.

Our undying gratitude to our pinch hitters extraordinaire, who stepped up and offered their services: potteread and leochi, who helped us out with art. khateh - who wrote 2 fics for the fest. calanthe_fics and libby_drew who both wrote for us.

Thank you to the participants who graciously gifted their fics to the comm, when their recipients dropped out. And to all the particpants for, well.... participating. *adores*

To all of you who pimped the fest on your LJ’s and in newsletters, you hold a special place in our hearts.

And finally – dear gods, will someone shut that woman up! – to everyone who read and commented on the art and fics, your contributions are vital, both to the participants and the fest. There are several readers who commented on every post, but we haven’t had time to compile all the names yet. We will, but it may take a while.

And now…

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And now, onto the Big Reveal.

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