June 20th, 2008

Quill feather - from artwork by Naadi

Back to School ... Update

Wow! What ingenious people we have here at hd_inspired. The prompts we're received so far for the Back to School fest really are ... well ... inspired!

Because of the volume we've received (over 150 so far), the prompt suggestions will be closing a little early.

They will now close at Midday on Sunday 22nd June 2008 (UK time). Then, on Sunday evening at 8pm we will be giving everyone the chance to read through all the prompts at their leisure, a bit like a Viewing at an auction sale. Please note that you won't be able to claim prompts at this time until 24th June.

Prompt Claiming will begin on Tuesday 24th June.

And don't forget that tomorrow (Saturday) is the Big Reveal for the Animagus Exchange.

The following are the time zones for Sunday:

12 noon in the UK will be:
11pm in New Zealand
09pm in Australia
07pm in the Far East
01pm in Germany
07am in New York
04am in San Fransisco

8pm on Sunday in the UK will be:
07am Monday in New Zealand
05am Monday in Australia
03am Monday in the Far East
09pm Sunday in Germany
03pm Sunday in New York
12 noon Sunday in San Fransisco